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Kinetic Photography

a whole world of kinetic motion

My current photography passion and becoming quite an obsession, the exploration of what I am viewing as "Kinetic Photography", at the extreme end. This specifically has to do with camera or subject motion of a natural form, often derived from physics, such as with a camera flying freely through the air. I enjoy finding methods where the subject becomes the motion itself, rather than simply an element of the composition. Most of this work also has a strong element of chance, resulting in images with a very generative nature. Many photographs may fall into the category of "physiogram", and resemble things such as "harmonograms", yet there is so much else to explore.

Camera Toss The Blog

camera toss public community

In exploring one particular form of kinetic photography, the act of taking a picture while throwing a camera, I elected to share my adventures with the public and encourage them to participate. Creating a public community on the photo portal service is how I accomplished that goal. Eventually the community was producing work worthy of a forum for showcasing the better results. Camera Toss (The Blog) was created to fill that need. I continue to actively administer and encourage the explorations of the community, utilizing the blog format as a avenue for exposure of my and their accomplishments.