News, publication of my work, and upcoming projects. If you are interested in exhibiting or publishing my work please contact me.

2007-04-26Die Zeit (press / publication)
The Austrian news outlet Die Zeit published 3 of my photographs in a 13 page photo online gallery and editorial on the subject of Camera Tossing.

2007-02-24Upcoming Exhibitions! (announcement)
After a somewhat quiet year, I have some news regarding public exhibitions. I have updated the exhibitions page to reflect two upcoming shows... "Commmand-Z" at the Torrance Art Museum, (Torrance/Los Angeles, California), and "DIGIARTE-2007" at the University of Florence, Italy.

Signed Limited Edition Prints Available (announcement)
Finally. I have updated this site to include which signed exclusive and limited edition prints (from the Hamburg exhibition) are available for purchase directly.

2006-05-01What Digital Camera Magazine (press / publication)
The UK photography magazine What Digital Camera published 4 of my photographs (including the cover photograph) for their editorial on the camera toss phenomenon in the May 2006 issue.

2006-05-01Optical Society of America | Optics & Photonics News (press / publication)
A photograph was published as a two page spread in the "Optics Visions" section of the May issue of Optics & Photonics News (OPN), the scientific magazine of the Optical Society of America (OSA). The section is available as a PDF document.

2006-04-19The Daily Texan (press)
My local Austin media via the University of Texas newspaper, The Daily Texan, noticed the subject and conducted an interview about my art, photography technique, and public phenomenon of camera tossing.

2006-04-10Deutchelandradio Kultur (press)
I was profiled by Deutchelandradio Kultur for a story on the subject of my technicque, photography community, and exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

2006-04-03The Plain Dealer (press / publication)
Interviewed by phone for a story about my photography and experiences having started the camera tossing phenomenon by Ohio's newspaper The Plain Dealer, online it is hosted at

2006-03-01I/O MAGAZIN (publication)
I had several images published in the premiere issue of this german art/graphics/design magazine, I/O Magazin. The title and topic for the first issue was "Seeing it again for the first time".

2006-03-06Hewlett Packard's Pixaco (press)
Hewlett Packard's german online printing service, Pixaco, capitalized on the interest in camera toss imagery and my photography by issuing a corporate press release that cites the apptitude of this imagery to poster size enlargements via their service. I was not entirely comfortable with this co-opting of ideas for corporate gain.

2006-02-19RTL II (press)
I was interviewed by the television station RTL II for a story on the subject of my photography and my technique of camera tossing. There was alot of media interest in this topic during my exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.

2006-02-18SAT.1 (press)
While in Germany for my premiere exhibition in Hamburg. I was interviewed by the television station SAT.1 for a story on the subject of my photography and my technique of camera tossing.

2006-02-09Rundfunk Berlin-Brandenburg | Polylux (press)
My premiere exhibition in Hamburg, Germany was covered by the popular Berlin based culture and trends news magazine television program, Polylux. They continue to host a page online about the story.

2006-02-0620 Minuten (press)
A story about camera tossing appeared on the Swiss website

2006-02-03Der Spiegel Online (press / publication)
Spiegel Online re-visited the topic of my photography in conjuction with announcing my world premiere exhibition opening in Hamburg, Germany. (press)
An Italian article appeared online on the subject of the photography technique I inspired. I was not contacted for this article but find the spread of the phenomenon very interesting.

2006-01-14The Times, London (press)
A trends column titled "The Next Big Thing" about my photography and the public phenomenon it has sparked was published in The Times, London magazine.

2006-01-13Deutsche Welle World (press)
A television piece about the form of photography I inspired was aired by Deutsche Welle World in a program called "Euromaxx" . (press / publication)
An online article with a photo gallery was published by the Austrian news site

2005-12-22Journal Gazette & Times Courier (press)
An article was printed about my photography style and public projects.

2005-12-15Bending Light Magazine (publication)
A photograph was selected for publication in issue one of this quarterly online photography magazine for their theme of "color".

2005-12-12Der Spiegel Online (press / publication)
I was interviewed for an article and nine of my photos were included in a slideshow accompanying an article about kinetic photography for which I was interviewed.

2005-12-11The Washington Post (press / publication)
I was interviewed about my techniques and how it got started for their article about kinetic photography and the phenomenon that the "Camera Toss Blog" has created. It appeared in the "Sunday Source" section. Myself and several other community members had photos both printed and displayed in the online version. (press)
An Italian article appeared online on the subject of the photography technique I inspired. I was not contacted for this article but find the spread of the phenomenon very interesting.

2005-11-04Globe And Mail (press)
An article was printed discussing the topic of "camera tossing" and the phenomenon that I sparked by sharing my early efforts publicly and encouraging others to experiment.

2005-10-15Camera Toss (The Blog) (public project)
A weblog I created and maintain for highlighting the experimental photography of the general public via the camera toss community on I continue to invest time in encouraging others to explore this realm of kinetic photography. (publication)
I began the process of self publishing photography under the Creative Commons using their Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike License via the photography portal web service