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An annual digital art exhibition taking place in Florence, Italy.

Torrance Art Museum
Torrance Art Museum - City of Torrance, California (Los Angeles area).
Fashion designer, Kristin Hensel's web site. She and I have undetaken a collaborative project for her coming collections.
Photography hosting service and community provider that I participate in and share alot of my work on.

Ryan Gallagher (on flickr)
My account and profile on flickr.

Camera Toss (on flickr)
The photography community I founded called 'Camera Toss' on flickr.

Camera Toss (the blog)
The community blog for the 'Camera Toss' photography community.

3x23 Gallery | Hamburg, Germany
Website for the gallery that hosted my Hamburg exhibition.

Lew Thomas "Throwing Nikomat" (1973)
A historical example of a camera toss photograph, by Lew Thomas (1973), "Throwing Nikomat" part of his series "Photo Objects C".

Ottmar Hoerl
Contemporary artist and photographer, Ottmar Hoerl has done alot of interesting things, among them being explorations into objective photography including but not limited to the act of throwing cameras of some rather tall objects, such as multi-story building.

Heinrich Heidersberger
Some information about the father of the pendulum based 'physiogram' photography, Heinrich Heidersberger (1952-1972). He referred to his technique and equipment as the 'Rythmograph'.

Usuff Omar
Contemporary photo artist Usuff Omar's mystical journey into the technique, and a bit of philosophy, surrounding pendulum photography (pendulum based physiogram). His site includes alot of helpful content for those looking to experiment in this form.

Rob & Nick Carter
A contemporary photographer and artist duo based out of England doing other work you might enjoy with light, paintings, and light sculpture. Some physiograms, pendulum photographs, moving lights, contact exposures, and related techniques. Also see for more of Rob's portfolio.

Physiogram References
Barry Pearson (UK) maintains a wonderful article on the topic of physiograms including many historical and contemporary references on his site. Discussed are mostly physiograms of different pendulum motion, though the concept previously applied mostly to analyzing mechanical motion using light.

Harmonograph References
The harmongraph was pioneered by the French physicist, Jules Antoine Lissajous in 1857. The first harmonograph actually used a light beam on a screen instead of the pens on paper that are used today. Following the invention of the harmonograph it became a very popular device and was found in many homes. After the early 1900s it decreased in popularity and is rarely seen today. See this article, wikipedia, mathworld, interactive virtual harmonograph, and another emulator.

Magic Lantern and Cycloidotrope References
It is not fully known who invented magic lanterns, or the fantastic mechanical slides including cycloidotropes. Magic lanterns are the ancestor of the modern slide projector and a host of other effects projection equipment. See magic lanterns: late 17th to 20th century, lanterns, magic lanterns on wikipedia, virtual exhibition of original magic lanter slides, magic lantern society, historical cycloidotrope effects.

Jay and Julia Versluis
A link exchange with contemporary photo artists Jay and Julia Versluis, specializing in 'Light Paintings' and enjoying the unpredictable aspects of kinetic photography.
A link exchange with a Annick Saskia, a graphic designer I met at my exhibition in Hamburg. Here is her porfolio.